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Pros of Working with A Financial Advisor Early

March 05, 2021

Pros of Working with A Financial Advisor Early

"I thought you had to be rich to work with a financial advisor?" Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I heard this statement... I WOULD NEED A FINANCIAL ADVISOR!

Truth is, you do not have to be rich to start working with a financial advisor. In fact, studies show that young professionals that chose to work with a financial advisor early on in their careers are more successful at saving and investing. Why is that? Everyone can gain something from just ONE conversation with an advisor. Especially if you have certain goals for yourself. A financial advisor helps you navigate through the unexpected life events that are bound to happen. Helping you look forward and plan; a financial advisor is necessary for young professionals wanting to take control of their lives early. Let us dive deep into a few reasons why working with a financial advisor earlier in life is the most beneficial way to stay on track.


Being a part of the younger generation means time is on your side. If there is one thing we cannot get back- it is TIME! But how can you use time to your advantage? By investing early and taking advantage of compound interest. Compounding interest is the process of reinvesting interest made on investments. In other words, you can earn interest on the interest you gained from investing!


Take on More Risk!

Risk is not always the bad guy. If you do not shoot the ball; you give up the chance to score. If you never swing, you will never hit a home run. If you never take risk, you give up the possibility of a reward! There is such a thing as healthy risk and working with a financial advisor will help you assess the right amount of risk for you and give you that chance at a big reward! Want to know what your risk number is? Click the link below to take a short quiz to get your risk number.

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More Time to Learn

Experience is an important asset to have. No one can take experience from you or GIVE it. It must be earned. It is earned by getting your hands dirty, being exposed to different things and making a few mistakes. The good thing about making mistakes when you are younger? You have time to learn and come back stronger! Investing early gives you that wiggle room to find the perfect strategy for you. One that checks all your boxes.

Early retirement

Most people think early retirement is not feasible with their income. We can confirm that that is a lie! By looking at your finances early, you can catch things that you are paying for that are not serving you in the best way. Is it something that is making you happy or just something that you thought you needed? Are you keeping up with the Joneses and don’t even realize it? Your financial advisor can help you identify those things and keep you in line with your goals! Just picture it-- sipping an ice-cold lemonade in your backyard at 11am -- who cares, you are retired!!

Retirement is not the only goal

While yes, retirement is the goal, it is not the only goal. There are plenty of reasons to start saving now. Investing into the right stocks can give you a dividend which can create income for you RIGHT NOW! Which means you can treat YO SELF! You want that new car; you can have it! What about that new watch you have been eyeing? It is yours! Guilt free because your financial advisor told you, you could. 

If you would rather have your money work smarter, not harder, you need to speak to a financial advisor today! Call me today to schedule your FREE 30-minute introductory meeting. Your wallet won't regret it!